Dancers Group

Dancers Group

1360 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA - 94103

Founded in 1982, Dancers? Group assists and supports the San Francisco Bay Area (SFBA) dance community by creating a nexus of resources, expertise, and knowledge. Working to advocate for dance in the SFBA and beyond, we assist in the creation and production of engaging, original dance. Dancers? Group serves artists at multiple stages in their careers, and supports dancers, choreographers, teachers, funders, dance companies, students, writers, critics, and audiences in the passionate pursuit and enjoyment of art.

“Promoting the visibility and viability of dance. Dancers’ Group serves artists, the dance community and audiences via programs and services that are as collaborative and innovative as the creative process itself. We lead as both a service organization and a presenter of performance opportunities. This hybrid engagement maximizes our impact in San Francisco and beyond and supports a vision of the region’s dance community as diverse, resilient, resourced and artistically vibrant. Recognized as a national model in the field of dance, Dancers’ Group has roots that are broad and deep within the San Francisco Bay Area dance community. Dancers’ Group’s strategic plan articulates that dance programming in publicly-accessible spaces, both indoors or outdoors, plays a pivotal role in stimulating public interest in dance and in positioning dance at the center of civic life. Consequently, supporting the creation and presentation of public dance programming is a top priority for Dancers’ Group. Helping artists make work is Dancers’ Group’s number one guiding principle, intimately connected to the organization’s audience engagement goals. Highlights Membership provides resources and information to 1,700+ members (as of January 2020) 35,000 audience members engaged through free public programs: Bay Area Dance Week, ONSITE and the Rotunda Dance Series 123 artists receive fiscal sponsorship CA$H regranting program award over $90,000 each year Our monthly publication, In Dance, reaches 66,000 readers each year Recognition for our work in the field includes 5 Isadora Duncan Dance Awards”


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