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New York, NY
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42 Broadway, 20th Fl.
New York, NY - 10004

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About Community Resource Exchange

Community Resource Exchange (CRE) is a nonprofit management consulting group that assists leaders of community-based organizations (CBOs) that serve New York's poor and disenfranchised communities. Our mission is to help them develop their communities by improving the quality, productivity, and effectiveness of their organizations. CRE was founded in 1979 when few people knew what technical assistance or capacity building was. We understand that competent leaders, effective management and good governance are ingredients for a successful organization which provides good services. We were founded to offer community groups practical advisors to help them gain these ingredients. CRE works with organizational leadership from an asset-based point of view to assess their situation, identify weak points, recommend and implement solutions to address their issues by building on their strengths. CRE s clients are at the forefront of developing and implementing solutions to the toughest challenges facing New York s poorest and most disenfranchised communities. We respect the leaders of these organizations and come to this work with the conviction that they are the key to improving and developing the communities. In our two decades of history, we have helped over 2000 community groups to enhance their management, governance and leadership capabilities with the end result of improved services and increased impact in the neighborhoods.

Mission Statement: CRE is a nonprofit consulting firm that provides the strategies and tools needed to build sustainable, high-performing organizations that improve people’s lives and drive social change. We partner with nonprofits, foundations, and government agencies to set ambitious goals for success – and then we help them get there. Together, we work to reduce poverty, promote equity, and increase opportunity. As a nonprofit ourselves, we believe that social sector organizations deserve accessible solutions to the challenges they face. Our diverse team of expert consultants provide customized strategies that blend deep consulting experience and operational expertise to help leaders succeed in an environment of complexity and change. We tap the transformative power of assessment, data, strategy, leadership, and collaboration to help organizations plan smartly, operate effectively, and produce results.

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